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iHoverboard DE is a branch of iHoverboard, a cross-border electronic commerce company that focuses on operating under its own brand name. Main categories for self-balancing scooter, auto parts, home and outdoor products, mainly through the Amazon, eBay, accelerate sales and other third-party platform and self-marketing products are sold worldwide. IHoverboard has many warehouses in Europe such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Czech Republic, Russia. We usually deliver the hoverboards within three days.

The website is headquartered in China, we mainly sell hover boards, electric scooters as the main website, our warehouse is mainly based on the UK,Germany ,the Czech Republic and other countries, we website is belong to Building F, Building A, 5th Floor, No. 92, Fukang Road, Henggang Community, Henggang Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen, China

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In 2018 we register the iHoverboard domain and start selling hoverboards in the UK, Germany, France and other countries in Europe. The first British website was opened, https: //www.ihoverboard.co.uk, then the French website online: https: //www.ihoverboard.fr, and now the German website is online: https: //www.ihoverboard. de. We wanted to be one of the largest hoverboard providers in Europe.


We registered outdoor brand, auto light brand, auto electrical brand and other brands.All products of this brand are happy for our customers.We also opened the Europe warehouses and we deliver to our customers in Europe as fast as 2 days.


In 2014, eBay and Amazon opened and started selling hoverboards, then registered the hoverboards brand. Aslo in Amazon, we became top 10 sellers for hoverboard sales. Our company moved in 2015.


Shenzhen Xincheng Network Technology Co., Ltd was launched, which specializes in B2C service, started exporting tablet pc and became the one of the largest seller in the tablet pc market.